Why Sprouted Nuts Are Better For Your Gut Health


Sprouting Nuts and Seeds Better For Gut Health

In nature, it takes proper soil conditions, water, temperature, light, and oxygen to trigger nuts and seeds to begin to germinate. As a nut or a seed germinates, the beneficial catalyst enzymes present are allowed to become activated, because the Enzyme-inhibitors start to loosen their tight grip on these catalyst enzymes.

Let’s say for example, the lipase enzyme that acts on fats becomes active only after the nut germinates. Likewise, other enzymes that have been activated, begin to break down the various complex nutrients like starches and proteins to simpler forms, thereby making them bio-available to provide complete nourishment to the growing embryo of the plant, or the human being that is eating the nuts.

Soaking and Sprouting effectively neutralizes anti-nutrients - like Phytic acid, Oxalates and Enzyme inhibitors - naturally present in all nuts and seeds. This makes the nuts and seeds more digestible by the gut.  

We at Yogi Granola allow the nuts to almost get to the point of germination, by using techniques that naturally encourage the Sprouting of our nuts and seeds in a clean environment. The Sprouting process involves soaking the nuts & seeds in clean water for long hours, followed by multiple careful rinses, before laying them out to begin the initial phase of sprouting. 

Ayurveda medicine recommends soaking nuts & seeds as a way to free up the vitamins, omega fatty acids, minerals and the enzymes that will greatly benefit our nourishment and digestion. In addition to having the same benefits as soil-based germination, the soaking to sprout method we use also cleanses the nuts & seeds, makes them more alkaline by raising PH levels and dramatically improves their taste.

Nuts and seeds should always be soaked prior to consumption, so that the body may be able to effortlessly extract, absorb and assimilate the vast amounts of vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients and essential fatty acids that they contain.



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