Free Granola For Meditation Practitioners

Free Granola For Meditation Practitioners

Did you know that certain combinations of Superfoods, herbs and medicinal Mushrooms can enhance, and even optimize your Meditation practice?  

Come try our Vanilla Calm Granola, a limited edition functional SuperFood snack receiving rave reviews from Meditation Practitioners early enough to try this year. 

Vanilla Calm is infused with a proprietary blend of the most sought after adaptogens, herbs and medicinal mushrooms that have been consumed by meditation practitioners and yogis for many centuries to enhance, and to deepen their meditation practice.  Vanilla Calm is expertly handcrafted by our seasoned Ayurveda herbalist and artisanal chef, with ingredients proven to help the mind achieve a state of natural balance between calm and enthusiasm.  It is wildly delicious, grain-free, low carb, and good for you.  

This holiday season, we are offering you a FREE equivalent sized pouch of our SuperFood granola with your purchase.  This is a Buy 1 GET 1 FREE offer.  

Pictured below are two very popular varieties of our health-promoting SuperFood granola. These are very popular with meditation practitioners and yogis:

  1. Vanilla Calm is formulated to help you combat stress, reduce anxiety, overcome PTSD symptoms, and balance mood swings.  Vanilla Calm helps you better tap into flow state and prepare your mind for meditation. 
  2. Energy Healer is based on an ancient Ayurvedic formula designed to replenish spent energy within the physical body, while also facilitating cleansing, nourishment and energetic realignment within your subtle energy bodies.

To get your FREE bag of Vanilla Calm, or any other variety of our SuperFood granola, follow these directions:

Click on any link in this email to visit our website.  Once there,  add your granola of choice and then add a second variety of any granola to your cart.  At checkout, enter the promo code BLISS and you will see that your second granola is FREE. That's it!  Click the button below to get your FREE granola now.

Why is Yogi Granola so special? Because we handcraft each batch of granola from organic ingredients that include sprouted nuts, sprouted seeds, herbs and spices. 

Each batch of granola is further infused with a proprietary, nutrient-dense blend of organic adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms; formulated to cleanse, nourish, and optimize the mind, body and breath. 

Handcrafted With Love