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Energy Healing Food For Reiki Healers: Chakra Balancing

As Reiki Healers, we know that we have to be mindful about regularly clearing and balancing the energetic systems connected to each chakra in our bodies.   Although a few practical techniques exist to help us with that endeavor, they are not effective for everyone who practices energy healing.

To find a better solution, we must look to the past. Traditional healers have long paired foods with certain combinations of herbs to revitalize each and every chakra that gets depleted during long sessions of energy healing.

Foods and herbs can be potent healers when it comes to balancing each  chakra in the body. From the physical effects of foods and herbs on our bodies, to emotional connections with different foods, and spiritual meanings of certain dishes in various cultures, there are many ways that food can heal us. 

In this blog post we will explore how Yogi Granola's Energy Healer helps balance each one of the seven major energy centers in our body through specific properties related to that center's color, element and vibration frequency.

We must do more in the area of energetic self-maintenance, since we are constantly exposed to a variety of miasmic residues and lower vibration energies that leach off the patients we work so diligently to heal. This kind of exposure, combined with the stress of living our own lives, may place an undue burden on our entire energetic being. Unless we do something to mitigate the effects of this exposure, we will feel it over time in obvious or subtle ways.

There is solution that helps Reiki healers to practice effective energetic maintenance, and widen his/her capacity to channel more healing energy.

The solution is Yogi Granola's Energy Healer.  Handcrafted in the form of a  SuperFood Granola snack, that powerful food has been infused with 27 high vibrational adaptogenic herbs and spices, and is specifically formulated to cleanse, purify, restore and energetically optimize the physical and the subtle bodies of Reiki healers and energy healing practitioners.

Yogi Granola's Energy Healer is expertly crafted by a Yogi, Ayurveda Herbalist, and Artisanal chef, right here in the USA, under strict quality control conditions.

Energy Healer contains a propriety blend of wholesome Super Foods, high vibration herbs, and medicinal mushrooms, that have been fully activated, spiritually consecrated and formulated to cleanse, purify, restore and optimize the Chakra energetic systems of your physical and your subtle bodies.

On a subtle level, your body is composed of vibrational channels known as Nadis (meridians).  In the same way that each city has subtle channels through which radio waves and wi-fi signals flow, the body is composed of subtle channels through which Prana (encapsulated within Biophotons) flows.  A growing body of scientific research now indicate that Biophotons act as subtle energy carriers that function as communication light particles within healthy DNA, and are able to communicate over long distances in the body.

Energy Healer's expertly-crafted Superfood Granola works by detoxifying, nourishing and protecting these subtle energetic pathways that facilitate the flow of Pranic Energy throughout the body. When the flow of Prana is unobstructed, the mind, body and breath align effortlessly, and true restorative healing energy can be summoned from the deepest dimensions of our being.

Reiki Healers who consume Energy Healer on a daily basis report improvements in their level energetic capacity, vitality, and vibrancy. Energy Healer will raise your vibration and enhance your ability to channel more energy, while protecting your subtle bodies from the miasmic residues and lower vibrational energies often encountered by exposure to patients and countless individuals with whom you interact on an ongoing basis.

In crafting Energy Healer, we went above and beyond to source the best quality, organic, and wild crafted ingredients needed to formulate this amazing functional food blend. Yogi Granola's entire line of highly functional Superfood blends are Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-carb, Vegan-Friendly and Non-GMO.

This is your exclusive opportunity to try our unique functional SuperFood that's uniquely formulated for Reiki and Energy healers. 

Handcrafted With Love